For the Owners of Non-core Property Portfolios
  • Analysis of each real estate project (technical audit, assessment of profitability, evaluation, and recommendations for the best usage of the property, evaluation of the existing liquidity and potential for its value increase)
  • Segmentation
  • Elaboration of the strategy for each group of real estate projects
  • Determination and coordination with the owner of the fair value of each project depending on the chosen strategy
  • Implementation and monitoring of sale channels, the attracting of brokers for every group
  • Training and supervision of the brokers
  • Analysis of purchasers’ offers being in the pipeline
  • Price negotiations with potential purchasers
  • Generation, wording and publicizing of sale offers
  • Auctioning if there is more than one potential purchaser
  • Deal support
  • Property management during the exposition
  • Attracting and dealing with the potential tenants
  • Dealing with existing tenants in order to increase operating revenue
  • Increase of the value of the corporate real estate as a result of growing lease revenue
  • Technical monitoring of the projects. The frequency of monitoring shall be agreed upon with the owner